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1991                              Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

                                      Anna Maria College, Paxton, Massachusetts

1985                             Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

                                      University of Lowell (UMass), Massachusetts


1993 to present        Consultant in Accident Reconstruction

                                      Analyzed Civil Plaintiff and Defense Cases

                                      Developed Scene Diagrams

                                      Performed Time and Distance Analysis

                                      Testified numerous times as an Expert Witness

3-2015 to 4-2018       Accident Reconstruction Technician for eRisk Solutions /                                        Energi Insurance Services, Inc Peabody, MA

                                        Performed Accident Reconstructions and manage                                           nationwide crash investigations

2005 to 3-2015          Mass State Police Sergeant at Revere, Newbury, Concord and                                        Danvers Barracks, AHQ CAT Team

                                        Supervise personnel; including investigation of cruiser                                         crashes and approving crash reports, crash reduction ,                                         Incident Command trained 

1988 to 2005            Mass State Police road Trooper at Concord, Peabody and                                        Danvers,Barracks

                                        Responded to Hundreds of Motor Vehicle Accidents

1991 to 1996              Mass State Police Accident Reconstruction Unit

                                     Reconstructed over 100 Motor Vehicle Accidents

                                     Testified as an expert witness

1985 to 1988            Civil Engineer, District #4, Arlington, Mass Department of                                    Public Works

                                     Rebuilt roads and bridges

                                     Educated on MA Standard Specification for Highways and                                       Bridges

                                     Responsible for performing Automobile Accident Studies


1992 to present      Continuing Education Courses:

                                    Vector Sum/Delta V Analysis, Insurance Fraud/Injury                                     Kinematics, Nighttime Vsibility/Perception-Reaction Time,                                     Pedestrian/Cyclist Accidents, Older Driver’s Visual Behavior on                                     the Highway, Commercial Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle                                    Accidents, Biomechanics of Traffic Accidents, Autosketch                                    Computer Diagramming, Applied Physics, CDR Tech I + II,                                    Heavy Vehicle Crash Recon, Faro Scanner Certified, Video                                     Analysis, Reality trained, Pix4D

September 1991     Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Mass State Police Academy

                                     Subjects Covered Included: Derivation of Speed formulas,                                      Motorcycle Speed Estimates, Conservation of Momentum,                                     Weight Shift, Occupant Kinematics, Vector Analysis, Time and                                     Distance, Critical Speed Laws, Testing

January 1989          Advanced Accident Investigation, Mass State Police Academy

                                   Subjects covered Included: Evidence Gathering, Speed                                    Calculations

October 1988         Accident Investigation, Mass State Police Academy

                                   Subjects Covered Included: Scene Measuring, Form                                    Familiarization


                                 Engineer-in-Training certificate from the MA Board of                                    Registration of Professional Engineers

                                 ACTAR. Accredited # 346 

                                 Member of NAPARS, ARC Network

                                 Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers 

                                 Member of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

                                 MSP Medal of Merit

                                 Alje M. Savela Trooper of the Year Award

                                 SPAM Bulldog Award

                                 Instrument Rated SEL Commercial  Pilot, UAS (drone) Pilot

                                 PADI Open Water Diver

                                 Dual Citizen (Ireland) with EU passport  







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